Roscoe's Hauling and Salvage of Richmond, Virginia to help the Virginia Flaggers raise money to hoist more hate flags in the Commonwealth

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A well known group of professional agitators, the Virginia Flaggers, rolled out a new program today to raise some "Confederate gold" so that they can continue to hoist divisive hate flags in Virginia. The program is called "Flags for Clunkers" and it is modeled after the familiar car donation charities with one glaring exception, you DO NOT get a tax deduction for your donation. A reader named Sherry forwarded us an email from Virginia Flagger head Susan Hathaway tonight, in which Hathaway explained that her group is neither a non-profit organization, nor a for-profit company. The arrangement seems very, very bizarre.

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So no tax donation for you, but the Virginia Flaggers get to keep all of the cold, hard cash. Sounds like a fair deal to us! Honestly, we aren't even sure if the program is legal, or if the Virginia Flaggers are operating as a legitimate for-profit business, subject to all of the laws, regulations, fees, and taxes that any other for-profit company would be subjected to. It would appear as though Hathaway and company have staked out a unique position in-between a non-profit organization and a for-profit company, pretty nifty, eh? Some have suggested that the arrangement sounds almost like a scam.

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A telephone number listed on the flyer links back to a Richmond, Virginia Hauling and Salvage company named Roscoe's. Reached by telephone today at the number listed on the flyer, an unidentified female who answered sounded confused when we inquired about a receipt for the tax deductibility of our donation. The female said that they just pick the vehicles up and hand them right over to the Virginia Flaggers to "help them out". Bravo!

Fredericksburg, Virginia hate flag raised by a group of professional agitators, the Virginia Flaggers. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Although Confederate Heritage activists like Hathaway and her rag-tag Carnie sideshow act the Virginia Flaggers steadfastly deny that the Confederate Flag is in any way a symbol of hate, at least two men whom have donated land for Hathaway's flags have made waves because of their extreme racism. Just two days ago, we brought you the extremely racist comments of Hubert Wayne Cash of Fredericksburg, Virginia, who called Blacks "freeloading, dangerous, animals that should be put down like the dogs they are." 

Racist comments by Hubert Wayne Cash who donated land so the Virginia Flaggers could raise a divisive symbol of hatred in Fredericksburg, Virginia. (Image courtesy of Disqus)

In July, a Lexington, Virginia resident named Raymond Agnor shocked the country when he forbade African Americans (the only racial group singled out) and Democrats, from coming to his property to view a Confederate Flag raised by Hathaway's group of misfits. Agnor announced his ban of African American's (and Democrats) through a paid newspaper advertisement. The Virginia Flaggers declined to comment on Agnor's racist ban.

Paid advertisement purchased by Virginia Flagger supporter Raymond Agnor.

The Internal Revenue Service recommends that you investigate the background of any charitable organization before giving money to them (in any form). It is unclear if the Virginia Flaggers qualify as a charitable organization. It is also unclear about any tax liability that may arise because of the sale of the clunkers.

Portion of an IRS pamphlet on giving donations to charitable organizations. (Image courtesy of the IRS)

Restoring the honor!


  1. Replies
    1. Confederate Heritage activists do their darnedest to try and convince everyone that "Heritage" is their one and only concern. Pure hogwash. While quick to frame Agnor's barring of Blacks from his property as a response to "vandalism", you seem to have forgotten that Mr. Agnor made sure to single out only one racial group, Blacks, completely illogical seeing as no fewer than two White men have thus far been arrested for participating in the vandalisms. That alone implies his motivations to be racial in nature. We've yet to hear any Confederate Heritage types denounce Mr. Cash's despicable comments in which he compares human beings to animals and says they should be "put down". That's pretty telling, especially since the Virginia Flaggers installed one of their big flags on Mr. Cash's property. Since no one in the Heritage movement will say otherwise, and there is no move to distance yourselves from your association with Mr. Cash, we're just going to go ahead and consider that your tacit approval of the comments. I'm glad we know what your movement thinks about African Americans.

      BTW, I'm going to go ahead and formally and kindly ask you to stop repeating the your claim that I am smearing and libeling people. I have asked you repeatedly for just one example and you have failed to provide any. Due to that fact, I am formally asking you to cease and desist from claiming things about me that are not true. The alternative is that you could provide just one example. Mmmmmmkay? Thaaaaaaanks.

    2. Funny how you claim "African Americans", implying there is some history there in Africa that YOU have no idea of, yet you are against anyone honoring their Confederate Heritage and you then LIE and accuse everyone of other motives....You SIR are a hypocrite, as well as a true racist. I know there are true racists that are white and I deplore them as well, but a hypocrite gets no pass because of ANY color.

    3. Who is against honoring Confederate Heritage? That's what we are all about here. You must be at the wrong page.

  2. What's up brother? Yall didn't want me as a facebook friend? Bwaaaaaaaa I am soon to reveal, but I know you don't care....By now you know i am not the radical you profess but it is time for your charade to come to an end and be exposed....who knows!

    1. What are you talking about? Have you been sippin' on Grandpa's cough syrup again?

    2. yep, if you call coffee Grandpa's cough syrup....


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