Rainbow Cuckfederate 180: Alabama Flaggers abandon Anti-hate group pledge and invite White Nationalists to speak and participate in Secession Rally to be held in Montgomery, Alabama

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You may recall that the Alabama Flaggers issued an Anti-hate group statement back in June, which we printed in full. The statement read:

The Alabama Flaggers would like to let it be known that we are against, and stand against any racist groups or organizations. These racists hate groups are not what we are about, we stand for the preservation of our Heritage and not hate. These groups are the ones that cause the problems for us and should be addressed as Non-Confederate. We have fought a hard battle and do not intend to have these groups destroy what we stand for and what we are as people.
Freda Mincey Burton Director Alabama FlaggersJustin Burton Director Alabama Flaggers  6-26-2015"

Tonight however, we are hearing that the Alabama Flaggers have abandoned that policy and have instead decided to embrace White Nationalism, more specifically, the designated hate group the League of the South.

The flagging group is planning a rally in Montgomery, Alabama on August 28th-29th. The rally is meant to be a secession rally, no doubt a tip of the hat to the League of the South, a hate group that the Alabama Flaggers have been known to associate with.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

The event is being promoted on the hate blog Occidental Dissent which is published by White Nationalist Brad Griffin. Griffin is no stranger to hate groups. Along with being a Board of Director for the Council of Conservative Citizens, Griffin is also a member of the League of the South.

Hate blog Occidental Dissent is currently promoting the Alabama Flaggers rally in Montgomery, Alabama. (Image courtesy of Occidental Dissent)

The Alabama Flaggers say that there are plenty of speakers and that everyone is welcome including their hate group buddies in the League of the South.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Who are some of the speakers that will be in Montgomery, Alabama at the end of the month?

Even our White Nationalist buddy Charles Andrew Bodenheimer wants in.

Brad Griffin will likely applaud this move and claim how brave they are.

Restoring the honor! 


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