Overthrow.com is resurrected as a satirical blog, newest post features creepy Cuckfederate Carl W. Roden of the Virginia Flaggers

There have been so many new blogs popping up taking the piss out of White Nationalism lately that I'm starting to lose track. The newest one, a new, improved version of Overthrow.com, which was at one time run by the now incarcerated Neo-Nazi Bill White, is a real laugh riot. 

Angelo John Gage (Image courtesy of Overthrow)

Andrew Anglin (Image courtesy of Overthrow)

So far they've satire'd Angelo John Gage and Andrew Anglin. Now, the new, more better Overthrow is getting in on the #Cuckfederate meme action with a post on Virginia Flagger Carl W. Roden. Carl is a bit of a writer apparently, the type of writing that might land one in a prison cell next to Jared Fogle, of Subway fame.

Disgusting fan fiction allegedly written by Carl W. Roden of the Virginia Flaggers under the moniker "DarthRoden76". (Image courtesy of FanFiction)

Make sure to add the new Overthrow to your blogroll for your daily dose of White Nationalist FAIL!


Looks like Carl W. Roden has some fans of his own.

(Image courtesy of Twitter)

Restoring the honor!


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