A lifetime of underachievement: Multiple weekend LOSer/Flagger FAILs!

Revealing headline at hate blog Occidental Dissent sums up this weekend's actions by the White Nationalist hate group the League of the South and their Flagger friends. (Image courtesy of Occidental Dissent)

White Nationalists and their good friends in the Confederate Heritage flagging movement have had an extremely demoralizing weekend, with FAIL, after FAIL, after FAIL, all across the South.

Freda Mincey-Burton, Co-Director of the Alabama Flaggers. (Imagecourtesy of imgur)

Let's begin in Alabama, where the Flagger group, the Alabama Flaggers organized a rally that was supposed to have upwards of 300 participants according to a now scrubbed Facebook event page. It looks like the Flaggers got a little crazy with the zeros, as only 30 showed up to support secession. LOL!!!

The Alabama Flaggers waste no time scrubbing the event page for their FAIL in Montgomery, Alabama. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

It was destined to be a failure to begin with, seeing as it was being organized by the mush mouth crew, headed by Freda Mincey-Burton and her significant other, Justin Burton. The Southern Poverty Law Center noted earlier in the week that the hate group the League of the South was apparently sending a contingent to crash the meth party in Montgomery. Unfortunately, bringing in the reinforcements proved not to be enough to make any difference at all. Secession it would seem, is not the hot button topic the LOSers would have you believe.

LOSer Brad Griffin with Freda Mincey-Burton. (Image
courtesy of Facebook)

Raw Story reports:

“A 5-hour secession rally at the Alabama Capitol building in Montgomery was called off after two hours on Saturday when only about 30 people showed up – far short of the 300 expected by the rally organizers, reports the Montgomery Advertiser.
“This is really shocking me that these people aren’t here,” said puzzled event organizer Freda Mincey-Burton.”

LOSer Lloyd Caperton with Justin Burton. (Image
courtesy of Facebook)

Several LOSers were also no shows, including William Flowers, Charles Andrew Bodenheimer, and most significantly, Jeremy Walls, who League insiders tell us could not make nice with the Flaggers. Although League of the South President Michael Hill was pre-approved to be a speaker, Hill did not RSVP and also did not make an appearance. 

Flagger FAIL in Fredericksburg. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Our next stop on the FAIL train is in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The FAIL was almost as bad in Fredericksburg, Virginia as it was in Montgomery, Alabama, as League of the South members and other Cuckfederates coordinated their efforts with Virginia Flaggers once again.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

The event was hosted by Jason Sulser and Jacqueline Ferris. White Nationalist hate group member Dennis Durham played a more behind the scenes, but no less important role in the rally, including wishing Virginia Flaggers head honcho Susan Hathaway good luck with her efforts raising a 4th hate flag in Danville, Virginia. Our old buddy Hubert Cash claimed to be attending the rally, but as of this posting, we cannot confirm his presence amongst the haters.

White Nationalist Dennis Durham and Susan Hathaway wish each other good luck 
with their respective hate events. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Although the turnout was about the same as the rally in Montgomery, Alabama, only about half (approximately 150 people) indicated they were going to attend the rally in Fredericksburg while only about 30 actually showed up. That's too bad. We really thought that people cared about the message of White Supremacy being spread by these losers. Technically, because less people even cared, that makes this more of a WIN for these yahoos, and that's the pathetic aspect of it all. The less people who say they are coming, the more it looks like it was a big deal. FAIL!

Rally organizer Jason Sulser (L) and White Nationalist Dennis Durham
(in red "Secede" shirt.) (Image courtesy of Facebook)

We are surprised that the advertisement by the Virginia Flaggers didn't do the trick.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

The strangest part about the entire Fredericksburg rally was the choice of location. We get it, they wanted to be right in front of the Visitors Center, but on a not very well travelled route, on the edge of the much more well travelled downtown area? Wow, that's too bad.

Rally location. (Image courtesy of Google)

Brad Griffin tries to pull a fast one. (Image courtesy of Occidental Dissent)

Our third rally in the "Trifecta of Flagger FAIL", occurred in Macclenny, Florida. Although White Nationalist Brad Griffin is implying that the rally might have been a Florida League of the South led event, we can't seem to find any evidence to support that.

One of two Facebook event pages. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

A second Facebook event page which makes the oft-cited Cuckfederate claim "Heritage Not Hate". (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Honestly, outside of one female seen wearing a League of the South shirt, we can't confirm that they had any presence at all at this rally, which by all accounts was bigger than both of their other rallies combined

A lonesome LOSer rallies in Macclenny, Florida. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Unfortunately for the LOSers, this was also the most "Cuckfederate" of all the events, with some claiming it was about "Heritage Not Hate", and the inclusion of one token Black guy, just to prove how non-racist it was. But the meth vibe was still very, very heavy my friends.

It's about "Heritage Not Hate"! (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Captain Cuckfederate. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Cuckfederates prepare to rally in Macclenny, Florida. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

This is a LOSer rally? Definitely looks like the South to me. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

More proof that they are a "Separate and distinct people". LOL!
(Image courtesy of Facebook)

The new, more better Overthrow has the deets on Glenn Beck's Cuckservative FAIL in Birmingham and have also posted some of the Alabama Flagger meltdown that we didn't have room for. Make sure to stop by and check that out, and while you're there, add Overthrow to your blogroll!

Restoring the honor!


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    1. Are we still on for our date Saturday? Wear that pretty chiffon number that I like so much.

    2. You are creating the images for my nightmares...


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