Flagger Follies

The Flagger Follies continue...

Dennis Durham and Jason Sulser are the two hosts of a failure of a flag rally in Loudon County, Virginia. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

You know it's bad when a LOSer won't even show up to his own rally. FAIL!

Dennis Durham gets a tummy ache (some say "Bottle Flu") from all his failure. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Are you sure it wasn't because of embarrassment Denny?

5 pathetic flags at Denny's massive flag rally. (Image courtesy of Iphone 6)

This is what massive support for the Confederate Rag looks like.

(Image courtesy of iPhone 6)

Don't worry Denny, you're not the only failure around. Check out Cooter's BIG FAIL!

Ben Jones announces a rally at Cooter's in Sperryville, Virginia. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Denny's buddies, the Virginia Flaggers are all about Cooter's BIG FAIL.

The Virginia Flaggers rep for Cooter's BIG FAIL. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

We counted 6 vehicles in Cooter's procession of shame.

(Image courtesy of Youtube)

Restoring the honor!


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