Did White Nationalist macho man Michael Hill pull-out of Jack Donovan, errr, the NPI Conference in October due to gay White Nationalist speaker Jack Donovan?

Rainbow Cuckfederate badass Michael Hill of the League of the South. (Image courtesy of Overthrow)

Our new favorite satirical blog Overthrow is reporting tonight that Michael Hill, the leader of the White Nationalist hate group, the League of the South, was recently announced as a speaker at a National Policy Institute event titled "Become Who We Are", scheduled for October, before suddenly pulling out, allegedly due to the inclusion of an openly homosexual White Nationalist speaker, Jack Malebranche (aka Donovan).

(Image courtesy of Overthrow)

Hill's name was recently dropped from the line-up lickety split. Insiders tell us that Jack Donovan was a huge controversy within the LOSer fold due to his open homosexuality. Apparently, from what we are being told, many of the "macho men" in the League of the South were feeling uncomfortable with their leader sharing the stage with a gay male. Wouldn't be very "Christian", now would it?

Jack Malebranche (aka Donovan) (L) and "Fight Club" author Chuck Palahniuk. (Image courtesy of Instagram)

The National Policy Institute gave no explanation for Hill's sudden pull-out, but we hear that at Hill's age, "dysfunction" can become an issue. If our sources within the League are correct, it would have just been too embarrassing for a macho, macho man like Hill to appear alongside a homosexual, or, maybe they just needed to make room for another Dick-son?

Restoring the honor!


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