Cuckfederate who is partially responsible for the Sons of Confederate Veterans losing access to Lee Chapel by advocating the lynching of Black students is also a disgraced former teacher

Steven K. Alcorn addresses the Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp Clem Vann Rogers
in January of 2014. (Image courtesy of Oklahoma SCV)

As we reported last week, the Sons of Confederate Veterans were denied the use of the Lee Chapel at Washington & Lee University in Lexington, Virginia due to a series of violent threats made by Confederate Heritage activists, which were posted on social media and emailed to school officials. One of the threats was left on a Facebook post by Steven K. Alcorn, in which Alcorn suggested decorating trees around the school with the bodies of a group of African American students known as "The Committee", a clear reference to lynching, a horrifically violent practice popularized by the Ku Klux Klan. Tonight we find that Alcorn has a past as an educator, which makes the threat against students even more troubling.

Facebook comments suggesting the lynching of African American students by Steven K. Alcorn. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Alcorn's comments were quoted in a Richmond Times-Dispatch article, and were cited as being part of the reason the school decided to end the annual use of the Chapel by the Sons of Confederate Veterans, a supposed Heritage organization.

Via The Duncan Banner:

“Marlow High School history teacher Steven Alcorn has agreed to resign after reaching a settlement with the Marlow school board.  
“When they said they would not consider my coming back in any capacity to the school,  then we kind of indicated that we were willing to take it to district court. Negotiations proceeded from that point,” Alcorn said. “Both sides worked out a settlement.  It was contingent upon my resignation, and my attorney advised me that it was a good deal, so I took it.”
Alcorn, who was suspended Nov. 24 for reasons never made public, said Monday the settlement was reached early last week.
A disciplinary hearing that was scheduled for Tuesday will now feature a closed-door executive session in which the school board will accept Alcorn’s resignation, Superintendent George Coffman said Monday.
Details of the settlement have not been released.
Negotiations to reach a settlement had been at a stalemate until Alcorn said his attorney told the district he was willing to take the dispute to the district court level.
Alcorn never disclosed the precise nature of the allegations made against him other than to say they had something to do with the drawing of a cat and a quote from Benjamin Franklin, one of the country’s founding fathers.”

KSWO ABC News 7 adds:

"The Marlow School Board officially accepted the resignation of history teacher Steven Alcorn Tuesday night.
The board met in executive session for nearly two hours to discuss a resignation agreement that had been reached Monday. Details were not released, but it meant that Alcorn, who had been suspended from teaching since November, would not be returning to a district classroom.
The board voted four-to-one in favor of accepting the resignation agreement. Alcorn was removed from teaching because of a quote from Benjamin Franklin that was posted on his classroom wall that the principal deemed inappropriate. Alcorn was not present at Tuesday's meeting.
The board released a statement, which read, in part that "...Students, parents, and citizens should have confidence that the board and administration are at all times guided by what is in the best interests of the students and the school district.”"

Oh yeah, that's right. It's "Heritage Not Hate". I almost forgot.

Restoring the honor!


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