Black Confederate Heritage activists desire for fellow Blacks, repatriation to Africa?

Comments of African American Confederate Heritage activist Arlene Barnum. Check out the likes:
Deanna Frankowski of Save Our South and Teresa Roane! (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Some Confederate Heritage activists have rather "unconventional" views on African Americans.

Teresa Roane (Far Left) (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Arlene Barnum. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

What can I say? Wow! Just, wow! Someone needs to hook these two special young ladies up with Hubert Wayne Cash!

Restoring the honor!


  1. I see they are calling for the "re-eduction" of black youth of those who are left behind. Interesting since they claim Civil War bloggers are re-writing history. I wonder what this re-education will entail?

    1. You say your "Tolerant" and "Anti Racist" but what you support is forcing people that don't want to associate with each other in the same room at gunpoint. Political power comes from the barrel of a gun- How would you suggest a person who doesn't like black people live? You criticize the re-education comment- But isn't that what YOU support, Spelunker?

    2. First off, you have made a factual error. I have never claimed nor do I identify with being an Anti-Racist. You may label me as such if it pleases you but I am just merely "a human being".

      How would I suggest a person that doesn't like Black people live? Tell me something Jordan, how does one who does not like bananas live? When a person that doesn't like bananas goes into a grocery store, do they demand that the store remove all of the bananas or separate them into a walled off room so that they do not have to see them? No, they do not. See Jordan, when a person doesn't like bananas they just go into the store and walk by them. It's that easy.


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