An Inconvenient Truth?: Racist Flagger who hates "Niggers" and loves Nazi leader Adolph Hitler tells interviewer he marched for a couple of days with Connie Chastain's favorite Flagger, Johnny Cooper

White Power loser Toby Hatfield. (Image courtesy of the Carpetbagger)

Connie Chastain is mad. She's real mad. She's mad because this blog is chock full of facts she can't dispute. The "Pensacola Screecher", as she's known to many as, is really, really pissed off about our latest post, because it makes her "Heritage Movement" look like a total joke, and she's the punchline.

The latest load of rubbish from Connie Chastain. (Image courtesy of Backsass)

Screechy Chastain writes:

"For all his night and day combing of the Internet, he sure is prone to getting things wrong. But then, it's probably by design, because if he stuck strictly to the truth without all the phony linkin' and tyin', his blog would be a fraction of size it is now.
In any case, his latest snafu is mis-identifying who/what we love (and admire) here at Backsass. And when it comes to marches to Washington, our salute goes to Johnny Cooper of Hazel Green, Alabama, who not only set out to march from the Heart of Dixie to the District of Corruption, but actually made it."

Unfortunately for Screechy, her boy Johnny is apparently being smeared by the Adolph Hitler loving, Ku Klux Klan supporting, "Nigger" hating Southern Neo-Nazi Toby Hatfield. Hatfield was interviewed by a blogger named Jacob at the Carpetbagger, and told the blogger, amongst other things, that he marched alongside Johnny Cooper for a couple of days. We have been unable to track down contact information for Cooper to verify Hatfield's claim, but knowing what a fine, upstanding Southern gentleman Hatfield is, we have no reason to doubt his "story". Now why on earth would Johnny Cooper want to march with this turd?

Jacob: "You said you walked a hundred miles with this?"
Toby Hatfield: "I actually walked from here to Asheville. I was going to walk with Johnny Cooper up to DC. And then when I got over to Asheville, I was going to go up into Virginia, and then meet him in Virginia, but when I got into Asheville, somebody shot at me. So, some different people helped me out."
Jacob: "Someone shot at you?"
Toby Hatfield: "Yes, someone shot a little .22 at me."
Jacob: "Do you know who it was?"
Toby Hatfield: "No, I didn't see it, I mean, that's what I'm saying. I didn't see it. I filed a report."
Jacob: "Oh my God."
Toby Hatfield: "The policeman tried to tell me that it was probably exhaust, but a .22 sounds nothing like an exhaust backfire."
Jacob: "So, maybe someone in their car or something took a potshot at you?"
Toby Hatfield: "Yes, it was on the Interstate. But uh, the Police kicked me off of the Interstate. I put a little SOS out on my Facebook. A woman from South Carolina named Christina, actually a Mother, she was like 43 years old, had her own life, but took the time to come get me and gave me a ride back down to South Carolina. I marched with Johnny Cooper a couple of days, took a break, because I just didn't like it. I think he's doing it for the wrong reasons. I think he's doing it for notoriety."

Something smells a little funny about Hatfield's story, to say the least. Watch the entire video, and pay special attention to the part about slavery and the Confederate Flag. Toby thinks them, there African Americans need to be thankful for slavery, because according to him, they'd be in Africa dying of Ebola right now. Wow. When asked by the interviewer if he is a racist, Toby's reply was of course, no. Of course not!


I'm kinda flattered that Connie has such a man crush on me. Maybe I should call her Connie the Cougar

She Wants Revenge - She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

Restoring the honor!


  1. Flattered by a self-delusion. That's good. BTW, what you call "an inconvenient truth" here isn't inconvenient, it's irrelevant ... and that it's the truth is open to question.

    1. There's still time for our love to grow my little flower.

    2. No thanks. Your hatred and craziness make you supremely unattractive...

    3. I like it when you talk to me that way lovey.


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