A Separate and Distinct People (UPDATE): Racist who attempted a failed publicity stunt by walking from North Carolina to Washington DC with "Heritage Not Hate" Confederate Flag hates "Niggers" and loves Adolph Hitler. WOW! Big surprise there!

When you are in the business of informing the public on the days news, you would think that your utmost concern would be correctly framing the stories and giving pertinent facts that the people digesting the information you are providing, can use to make informed judgements about the stories, with which to form their opinions. Unfortunately, in todays world, many people are turning to blogs for their information, because the news media refuses to do their jobs. That can have an adverse effect on the public, as many blogs put out erroneous and purposefully misleading information, if not just plain lying about things.

Facebook post by WLOS ABC News 13 for a story about Toby Hatfield which did not mention anything about Hatfield's racism but did show an image of Hatfield with a "Heritage Not Hate" Confederate Flag. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Take, for instance, the story of Toby Hatfield. We have covered Toby before. So did the media, only, they left out a few things. Toby, according to his Facebook page, is from Haywood, North Carolina. That makes him a Southerner. We know that Southerners are nice, peaceful people who just want to be left alone. Being left alone apparently means hating on "Niggers" and loving Adolph Hitler, the leader of the Nazi Third Reich.

Toby garnered a small amount of media attention with his failed publicity/grifting stunt, walking from North Carolina to Washington, DC with a Confederate Flag that reads "Heritage Not Hate". "Heritage Not Hate" is a much repeated slogan used by the Confederate Heritage crowd to assure you that they are good, wholesome people, after all, how can they be bad people when they are against hatred? Except they're not, they just think that they can use the "Heritage Not Hate" slogan as a shield from being labeled what they really are, racists. Toby thinks that he can hide behind the slogan "Heritage Not Hate" too, and the media, as usual, gave him a pass. Unfortunately for the media, we'e going to do the easy work that they refuse to do.

Toby Hatfield's "Heritage Not Hate" Confederate Flag. He's apparently a nice guy because he owns this flag. (Image courtesy of You Tube)

As more proof of just how separate and distinct Southerners like Toby really are, just take a look at all of the nice, loving and peaceful things he has to say on his Facebook page.

The header page for Toby Hatfield's Facebook page. Check out Toby's buddy "John Ghostmk". He's apparently a member of the Militant Knights, a Ku Klux Klan faction. Such great company to keep. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

"John Ghostmk" Facebook page featuring multiple ku Klux Klan images and claims he 
is a "lyncher" at the Ku Klux Klan. Nice! (Image courtesy of Facebook)

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

"John Ghostmk" tells us who he is in case we weren't sure. Sounds like your nice, typical, Christian Southerner to me. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Toby Hatfield's buddy "John Ghostmk", apparently un-hooded. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

And get this. Amongst Toby's other friends on Facebook, is an African American Confederate Heritage activist named Arlene Barnum. She was recently in a very suspicious and horrific car accident that claimed the life of another African American Confederate Heritage activist named Anthony Hervey. Barnum claimed that they were run off the road by a car of angry Black males, but the Police found no evidence to support her claim, and subsequently asked for the public's help in verifying her claim. To date, no one has come forward with information which confirms her account of the events.

African American Confederate Heritage activist Arlene Barnum is friended with White racist Toby Hatfield on Facebook. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

But wait kids, that's not all. Hatfield is also friended up with Southern White Nationalist Charles Andrew Bodenheimer who has been organizing Confederate "Heritage" rallies lately such as the one Barnum and Hervey spoke at the day before Hervey was killed in the automobile crash. Bodenheimer is a member of the designated hate group the League of the South and is also a member of the the supposed "Heritage organization" the Sons of Confederate Veterans, who have an Anti-Hate Group policy, but don't enforce it.

Southern White Nationalist Charles Andrew Bodenheimer is friended with White racist Toby Hatfield. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

I'm surprised the media didn't catch any of this with their "in depth reporting", LOL! Amongst Toby's "likes" on Facebook are the National Socialist Movement (Nazis) and a Ku Klux Klan group. Pretty typical Southern Heritage type stuff.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Not only does Toby like the Nazis, he apparently attends their meetings and helps his friends become members. How sweet of him.

Toby Hatfield claims to plan to attend a National Socialist Movement meeting in Spartanburg,
South Carolina and gives advice to friends on becoming a Nazi. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

And when Toby isn't attending their meetings, he's singing the praises of the Nazi ideology.

Toby Hatfield just adores National Socialism. He conveniently forgets the part about how they tried to genocide an entire people. Oops! (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Now remember, Toby was marching for a love of his people, not a hate of anyone else. See that's not so bad.

Toby Hatfield shares a post on the "14 Words" which is a often repeated racist, Neo-Nazi slogan
coined by deceased Nazi David Eden Lane. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Now that just warms our heart. What a swell guy. Let's see what Toby thinks about other groups of people, like for instance, African Americans, or as Toby likes to affectionately refer to them, "Niggers".

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Toby Hatfield tells his friends to keep any "pro nigger shit" off his page or they will be "removed fucking at once". That means you Arlene Barnum. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Hatfield is full of "Nigger" jokes. LOL! (Image courtesy of Facebook)

And don't worry, Toby isn't buying anything to help "keep some niggers lights on".
 (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Though, Toby's friends do have a habit of jabbing him just a little for looking a little too much like one of them, there "Niggers" that he hates so much himself. But don't worry, because he's always supporting the flag of the Confederacy!

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

And Toby's taste in music and humor is impeccable! This guy is such a card.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Toby hopes that this little ditty puts a smile on his "Aryan brother's" faces. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Toby must have picked this one especially for his "friend" Arlene Barnum. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Now it's not just the Blacks that Toby has a love for. He's also a big fan of them, there A-rabs!

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Toby's favorite pasttime besides complaining about the "Niggers" and Arabs is showing his appreciation for that swell fella, Uncle Adolph. You may know Uncle Adolph as The Fuhrer, but Toby apparently learned about him in College, and refers to him by his correct moniker, "The Furer". LOL!

Toby Hatfield claims to have attended one of them, there new-fangled, fancy College Universities. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Toby Hatfield displays some of his ace spelling skills that he probably learned while attending "Walter State" for Greenhouse Management. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

What's a Aryan Brother gotta do to get a "Heil Hitler" up in this place?

Peace through National Socialism? (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Toby gives a shout out to his inspiration, Adolph Hitler. "88" is Nazi code for "HH" or "Heil Hitler". 
"H" is the 8th letter of the alphabet. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Now remember, it's about "Heritage Not Hate". LOL!

Restoring the honor!


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