A Rainbow Cuckfederate tries to change the subject and distract from their many failures

Connie Chastain tries to distract from the real news of the day. (Image courtesy of Backsass)

It's not surprising really. Now that White Supremacists are putting Rainbow Cuckfederates on the spot with a new meme campaign styled after the recent semi-successful "Cuckservative" meme, the Rainbows want to talk about ANYTHING other than their track record of immense failure. This track record includes the flags being raised by the Virginia Flaggers on private property. Who really cares? How in the heck is that doing anything to help your "cause"? It's not. 

Barry Isenhour of the Virginia Flaggers donates more money to the "cause". What that money is spent on, one wonders. It sure isn't producing results. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Truth is, as we saw this week, you can raise a thousand flags if you want, but that will not change anything, just ask the Sons of Confederate Veterans. You are just wasting your time and spinning your wheels.

Susan Hathaway of the Virginia Flaggers is making a difference. She waves tiny flags and raises big ones. The media focuses all of their attention on White Nationalists while her group gets a pass. BTW, nice shirt "Silent Susie". Is that new? (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Now, one Cuckfederate wants to talk about the FBI having plants in the Ku Klux Klan? So what? That has probably been going on longer than this Cuckfederate has even been alive. Who cares? I would imagine all of these hate groups are infiltrated by the FBI. Not really sure where the big story is there? I think this Cuckfederate knows it is no big deal though. I think this Cuckfederate just wants to talk about anything other than the fact that the Confederate Heritage movement is pretty much just an extension of the White Power crowd. And why don't the Cuckfederates want to attack this notion being put forth by the White Power crowd of what a bunch of washed up losers they are? Is it because the Cuckfederates know that the White Supremacist set knows more than enough about the Rainbow Cuck movement to burn it down into a pile of ash? Probably. 

Parody Twitter account "The Cuckfederate". Ribbing on the Rainbows. (Image courtesy of Twitter)

It's "Heritage Not Hate"! LOL!!!

Carl W. Roden of the Virginia Flaggers gets made into a White Supremacist meme. 

Yes, this Cuckfederate won't even say a good word about Carl W. Roden, one of their Cuckfederate brethren who has been singled out several times in the meme campaign already. One has to wonder who could be behind the new parody Twitter account that has popped up and is slaying the White Power crowd including Richard B. Spencer of the National Policy Institute

White Nationalist Richard B. Spencer of the National Policy Institute is a fan of the new "Cuckfederate" Twitter account. (Image courtesy of Twitter)

It remains to be seen just how far the White Nationalists intend to go with this meme campaign. Will they stick to just poking fun at the Cuckfederates, or, will they get serious and start exposing the connections and ties we all know exist anyway? I would imagine there's quite a lot of Rainbow Confederates nervously biting their nails as we speak. The simple fact is that the Rainbows are no different in ideology than a lot of your strongly denounced White Nationalists. They just hide their racism while the White Nationalists take the brunt of the public bashing. Frankly, I think they are getting tired of shouldering all of the weight while the Cuckfederates reap all of the benefits of their sacrifices. I don't blame them. Is it fair that groups like the Sons of Confederate Veterans get the huge membership lists when many of their members tow the White Nationalist line in private?

Restoring the honor!


  1. 1. There is no such thing as a Cuckfederate. 2. You are magnifying this nonissue far beyond its actual importance (which is pretty much zero) because your obsession unbalances you. 3. Most people with common sense and normal intelligence understand the fallacy if guilt by association. That tells me your common sense and intelligence have been atrophied by your obsession. Have you ever thought of getting a life?

    1. I don't agree with you. I think it is pretty clear what a Cuckfederate is.


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