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Black Confederate Heritage activists desire for fellow Blacks, repatriation to Africa?

Some Confederate Heritage activists have rather "unconventional" views on African Americans.

What can I say? Wow! Just, wow! Someone needs to hook these two special young ladies up with Hubert Wayne Cash!

Restoring the honor!

@thevaflaggers melts down while I extend an offer

Susan Hathaway, the leader of the Virginia Flaggers has had what appears to be a meltdown over our blog coverage of the group. Hathaway, or someone with the authority to speak for Hathaway has posted a conniption fit in the comments section at a blog called SouthsideCentral. The crux of the matter is that the Flaggers are extremely perturbed because we are constantly posting really inconvenient but true facts that they are having a hard time denying. As usual, they are leveling the same old tired, worn out charge, that they are being defamed. Yeah, right. That's why you haven't sued me. The fact of the matter is that the meat and potatoes of the blog is factual. The rest is my opinion and snarky satire. Last time I checked, it wasn't illegal to post true facts, your own opinion, or satirical commentary.

Take for instance the comments of Virginia Flagger Hubert Wayne Cash:

"Over time and many years I learned to avoid contact with blacks and as a result my feelings of di…

A blast from the past: Brought to you by Connie Chastain and the League of the South

This is quite possibly the first time many people will have read this thread. It's no secret that Connie Chastainwas at different times a full fledged member of the hate group the League of the South. Chastain has admitted that she was once a member of the group. She is quick however to point out that she is no longer a member, and at different times will say that she does not support their White Supremacist ideology, sometimes. At some point, the two "parted ways". You may not know that Chastain and White Nationalist Brad Griffin have also had what would seem to be a rather contentious relationship through the years as well. This chat is part of the reason why. Without further ado, for your reading enjoyment, the birth of the modern day Cuckfederate movement:

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