Virginia Flaggers FAIL in Fredericksburg, Virginia, July 25, 2015

Flagger FAIL in Fredericksburg.

Header for the quickly deleted Facebook event for the FAIL in Fredericksburg co-organized by hate group member Dennis Durham and hate group supporter Jason Sulser. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Dennis Durham, a member of the designated hate group the League of the South, along with hate group supporter Jason Sulser co-organized a rally in Fredericksburg, Virginia yesterday. Somewhere around 25-30 people brought their ugly mugs out to support White Supremacy, a major FAIL, considering that 148 people indicated they were coming on a now deleted Facebook event.

Co-organizer of the Fredericksburg rally, Dennis Durham at the Southern White Nationalist headquarters of the designated hate group, the League of the South. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

One no show yesterday was co-organizer Dennis Durham. He was in Alabama at the 2015 League of the South National Convention with other White Nationalists.

Fredericksburg Rally co-organizer Jason Sulser

But Jason Sulser held down the fort in Dirty Denny's absence.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

That didn't stop Dirty Denny from pumping the event pretty hard on Facebook.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Spirits have been pretty high lately for this bunch, because the media hasn't been asking any tough questions, but I have a feeling, that's going to change soon.

Jason Sulser uses his food drive shield to block the "racism" charge. "God bless." LOL! (Image courtesy of Facebook)

The newest strategy is using a food drive as a racism block. How can anyone possibly oppose a food drive? I dunno, because maybe it's not really about that? You guys are too much! Food drive. Pfffff... You know who else likes to employ the food drive strategy? Golden Dawn. You remember those guys, right?:

The leader of the Greek Neo-Nazi organization Golden dawn. They hold food drives. They're nice people. (Image courtesy of Greek Reporter)

Neo-Nazi members of Golden Dawn hold a food drive. That means they aren't Nazis anymore. (Image courtesy of the Times UK)

The Virginia Flaggers were way wrapped up in this gathering, pledging full support for the undercover League of the South event. But don't worry, they don't support racism! It seems as though the Virginia Flaggers have quite the White Power addiction lately.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Poor Susie Q, the Silent Sentry couldn't make it, but according to her, a "Whole lot of her friends were" there. 

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

And wouldn't you know it? Susie's friend Jason Sulser was there, apparently.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

So was Susie's buddy David Hinton. Well, you know, what are friends for?

Paul McCartney & Ringo Starr - With A Little 
Help From My Friends

Restoring the honor!


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