A Separate and Distinct People: White Power dolt Dallas Brumback pleads guilty in murder-for-hire case

That's Dallas Brumback. We told you about how Brumback was arrested for allegedly hiring a hit man to kill his ex-Wife back in January. Brumback also has ties to the Christian Identity movement, the Ku Klux Klan, and the Confederate Heritage crowd. Now Brumback is facing 50 years in prison and apparently pleading guilty.

Via NBC 4 Washington:

"In November, Brumback reportedly told the undercover officer the only way he could get his daughter back was to "put a toe-tag" on his ex-wife. "Do you want her killed?" asked the undercover officer."Yes," replied Brumback, according to court documents.
Brumback agreed to pay $5,000 for the hit and gave the man a $900 downpayment.
Later, as the two finalized plans, the undercover officer wondered what to do if the ex-wife's other kids or any other relatives were home.
"Well, how do you see this going down? What if there is a bloodbath in there?" asked the undercover officer.
"Erase them all. Make it look a gang thing or something. I don't give a God damn," replied Brumback.
The undercover officer also learned Brumback had other thoughts of violence. This court document details a meeting of several KKK members at Brumback's home. Brumback showed them videos of his prior speeches about white supremacy. 
Then Brumback discussed doing something big to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Klan, such as placing a pipebomb at a mosque, the undercover officer said. 
That act was never carried out."

Sounds like a nice, well adjusted Southern man. The kind of man any woman would be proud to bring home to Momma. He's just misunderstood!

Restoring the honor! 


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