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A Separate and Distinct People: White Power dolt Dallas Brumback pleads guilty in murder-for-hire case

That's Dallas Brumback. We told you about how Brumback was arrested for allegedly hiring a hit man to kill his ex-Wife back in January. Brumback also has ties to the Christian Identity movement, the Ku Klux Klan, and the Confederate Heritage crowd. Now Brumback is facing 50 years in prison and apparently pleading guilty.

Via NBC 4 Washington:

"In November, Brumback reportedly told the undercover officer the only way he could get his daughter back was to "put a toe-tag" on his ex-wife. "Do you want her killed?" asked the undercover officer."Yes," replied Brumback, according to court documents.Brumback agreed to pay $5,000 for the hit and gave the man a $900 downpayment.Later, as the two finalized plans, the undercover officer wondered what to do if the ex-wife's other kids or any other relatives were home."Well, how do you see this going down? What if there is a bloodbath in there?" asked the undercover officer."Erase them all. M…

Virginia Flaggers FAIL in Fredericksburg, Virginia, July 25, 2015

Flagger FAIL in Fredericksburg.

Dennis Durham, a member of the designated hate group the League of the South, along with hate group supporter Jason Sulser co-organized a rally in Fredericksburg, Virginia yesterday. Somewhere around 25-30 people brought their ugly mugs out to support White Supremacy, a major FAIL, considering that 148 people indicated they were coming on a now deleted Facebook event.

One no show yesterday was co-organizer Dennis Durham. He was in Alabama at the 2015 League of the South National Convention with other White Nationalists.

But Jason Sulser held down the fort in Dirty Denny's absence.

That didn't stop Dirty Denny from pumping the event pretty hard on Facebook.

Spirits have been pretty high lately for this bunch, because the media hasn't been asking any tough questions, but I have a feeling, that's going to change soon.

The newest strategy is using a food drive as a racism block. How can anyone possibly oppose a food drive? I dunno, because may…

"A typical day for Flaggers across the South": Mocking African Americans in private then taking photo op selfies in public

The Virginia Flaggers and Mike Williams must be pretty proud of this photo. There are real, live Black people shaking Mike Williams hand while he's holding the most recognizable, and non-racist symbol of the South. Remember, it's about "Heritage not hate."

Your racism is hilarious. So is the fact that you think African Americans are your personal props

Julie Bodenheimer found an African American prop of her own, the recently deceasedAnthony Hervey. Wait. What happened to Julie's fan? What? No "Klan Fan" when the props are around?

Julie needs to step up her game. Looks like her hubby, Charles Andrew Bodenheimer has four. Wow!

Excuse me, I think I'm going to go throw up now.

Restoring the honor!


Reblogged with permission from Goadtidbit.:

This is is a comment that Jason Sulser left in a status about how I counter protested one of his events.  I wanted to take the time and answer him by reviewing every single one of his sentences.

“If you are so passionate about removing southern heritage then stage your own event.”
I am passionate about vocally opposing the symbols of racism as well as organizations and individuals that promote them as well.  I am not opposing southern heritage, I was born and raised in Virginia and I have Confederate ancestors.  There is no shame in who is in your family tree but there is a problem when you can not accept that they fought on the wrong side of history.  I am opposed to the glorification of Confederate symbols.

“You latch onto the coat tails of others because you can not unite enough folks together to be heard.”

By opposing the groups that support an ideology of racism, I am not latching onto your coattails because I am opposed to your views.  I…

Jason Sulser calls on the National Park Service to "relocate" Chief historian for the Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania battlefield parks, John Hennessy

That's Jason Sulser. He's a crybaby.

Jason Sulser, a man who has been co-organizing Confederate Flag rallies in Northern Virginia with the help of a designated hate group member,has started a petition calling for the "immediate resignation or relocation of John J. Hennessy" by the National Park Service

Sulser is citing a Washington Post article as part of his reasoning for wanting to see Mr. Hennessy removed.

Some of the signers of Jason's petition are calling for amongst other things, the firing of Mr. Hennessy.

Sulser is claiming that John Hennessy himself is a "symbol of hate and division." If only anyone in the world cared about what Jason Sulser thinks. Oh yeah, the American Free Press does.

Time for a change

Your flag is a racist symbol. It is your legal right to fly it at home, but it is not your right to rub it in other people's noses in public spaces. Public spaces belong to everyone, and not everyone agrees with you. Thank you. Peace.

Restoring the honor!

Klan FAIL in South Carolina

The Ku Klux Klan tried to rally in South Carolina. It didn't work out so well.

Restoring the honor!

Are Black Virginia Flaggers forbidden from enjoying their "Heritage" by a White man?

We will have more to say tonight. For now:

"FAIRFIELD — Raymond Agnor’s gigantic Confederate battle flag, the size of a backyard swimming pool, hung limply from its 80-foot pole on a windless summer day. From its spot on Billboard Hill just off Interstate 81, the flag is easily visible to thousands of passing motorists. And it flies just north of Lexington, a city rich in Civil War history where displays of the battle flag rubbed a sore spot long before they became a national issue in connection with last month’s church shooting in South Carolina. Even on days when a strong breeze raised its profile, Agnor’s flag did not provoke a ruckus — until last week, when he purchased a newspaper advertisement that ran on page 5 of the The News-Gazette in Lexington. “About the Confederate Flag,” the ad stated. “Because of all the trouble the democrats and black race are causing, I place this ad. No black people or democrats are allowed on my property until further notice.”"

And this:


Mississippi Highway Patrol finds no evidence of a second vehicle in crash that takes the life of Black Confederate Heritage activist Anthony Hervey

There are new developments tonight in the death of Anthony Hervey. The Mississippi Highway Patrol has released the findings of their accident investigation in what some think is the mysterious death of a Black Confederate Heritage activist named Anthony Hervey.

Some going as far as calling the apparent reckless driving death "murder".

Some well known Confederates were skeptical of the findings before they were ever released.

Just remember: Jade Helm 15, Chemtrails, Benghazi, President Obama's Birth Certificate... They're all the real killers of Anthony Hervey. It can't be that he just ran off the road accidentally or any other logical reason because there is no sympathy for Confederates in any logical explanations for the mans death. Rumor has it, a non-descript silver car and four to five young Black men were involved in the accident, but police have not found any evidence to date to support that theory.


"Hervey was at the wheel of a 2005 Ford E…

Does anyone believe Susan Hathaway and Connie Chastain?

Does anyone believe Susan Hathaway and Connie Chastain? I know I sure don't. 

Now that's what I call coordination! Now what on earth could have spooked them all of a sudden?

You think? I'm sorry, did someone say Kristallnacht?

That's Kyle. He sells flags. The Virginia Flaggers love flags!

Boy, that's quite scary.

Now Brad Griffin wants you to believe this.

Do you know what's even scarier than Brad Griffin's fantasies? The Virginia Flaggers and the Southern White Nationalist LOSers are all friends. Don't believe me?