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The Alabama Flaggers and a Cuban-descended Southern White Nationalist named Chris Cedeno, living together in perfect harmony

We already detailed how the Alabama Flaggers appear to be working hand in hand with Southern White Nationalist Brad Griffin. Now, we find that the same Alabama Flaggers, may also be conspiring to work with a Cuban-descended Southern White Nationalist named Chris Cedeno from the Florida League of the South and the ROF Militia. What a great choice! Chris Cedeno = Awesome activist! Way to go Alabama Flaggers!

It looks like there is a bigger movement afoot to try and bridge the gap between the Confederate Heritage crowd and Southern White Nationalism. Learn more about the ROF Militia at our sister blog

Here are some excerpts of the extremely friendly conversation between the Flaggers and the Southern White Nationalist.

Chris Cedeno: "Yes, this is Chris Cedeno from the Florida League of the South, and I have to say, what is happening in Union Springs is one of the most disrespectful acts I have seen in a long time. The attacks on the Confederate Flag cannot be…

By calling the removal of Confederate Flags a victory, isn't the Confederate Heritage movement signaling defeat?

Some Confederate Heritage groups are calling the photo above a victory. Doesn't look like a victory to us. Looks more like the admittance of weakness. How one extrapolates victory from the photo above is perplexing to say the least. This is just more proof of how hopelessly neutered the Confederate Heritage crowd has become. They have to drink their own Kool-Aid.

But don't fret, there is hope! LOL! I mean, there is hope! LOL! Just kidding. There's really not. LOL!!!!!!

Social Distortion - Bad Luck


Brad Griffin's Occidental Dissent is reporting tonight that the flags will be returned soon. It's unclear at this time how this matter will be remedied.

Restoring the honor!

Ex-Southern Nationalist Network publisher Michael Cushman: "I am not distancing myself from Southern Nationalism"

Michael Cushman, alleged former member of the imploding Neo-Nazi group the National Alliance and recent-ex-publisher of the White Nationalist webpage Southern Nationalist Networkbroke his silence this week about the abrupt ending of the site, and the beginning of a new Southern White Nationalist website, Southern Future. Cushman writes:

"As some SF readers know I used to operate a website called Southern Nationalist Network (SNN). It was online for 5 years and followed a website called Southron Liberation Media News (SLMN). I started SLMN while living in Europe and it was a rather amateurish-looking project. When I returned to this side of the Atlantic I scrapped SLMN and began SNN. It was meant to be a much more ambitious and professional project with podcasts, videos and scholarly articles. For several years I dedicated as much time to it as one would a full time job. It was an effort I could not sustain once I took a job which was more demanding of my time. As well, I felt tha…

Southern White Nationalism is taking off like nobodies business!

It's almost uncontrollable at this point!

One is the Loneliest Number - Three Dog Night

Restoring the honor!

Burl Phillips on Muslims: "Kill them, kill all of them, every stinking one of them"

That Burl Phillips. Full of so much love!

Restoring the honor!

Southern White Nationalist Brad Griffin and the Alabama Flaggers: A match made in heaven!

This is the same Brad Griffin who absolutely loathed the "Rainbow Confederates".  Too bad it's all an act. Unfortunately, Brad Griffin is having problems organizing a movement of his own, so his newest strategy appears to be trying to work with the Flagger groups. This is the same Brad Griffin who called for a reinstatement of White Supremacy and suggested the creation of an all-White ethnostate in Dixie. Welcome to Confederate Heritage 2015.

Where is a real Flagger group when you need them to restore the honor? Is this how Flaggers want their groups to be remembered? As Southern White Nationalist pawns? What benefit could Flagger groups possibly derive from working with people who want to create all-White ethnostates

It's only a matter of time before the media and watchdog groups catch up on the love affair between Confederate Heritage and SouthernWhite Nationalism, two peas in one pod.

Restoring the honor!

Virginia Flagger, Tripp Lewis: "We're not racists"

Virginia Flagger, Tripp Lewis tells a documentary filmmaker"We're not racists." It is a claim that flies in the face of the assertion made once by Connie Chastain.

"We're not racists."
Tripp Lewis, Virginia Flaggers

That's weird!

"They keep using the same buzzwords about "Heritage", "Honor", "Ancestors", and if they see the Confederacy as a shining moment of American history, and really great, it just makes me wonder who they are as a person. Like, if that's what you think is the greatest moment, I think it's one of the most shameful moments in American history." Goad Gatsby

Restoring the honor!

Virginia Flagger, Karen Cooper: "Slavery is a choice"

Unbelievably, Karen Cooper of the Virginia Flaggers (an African American woman) says amongst other things, in a new documentary series titled "Battle Flag", that "Slavery is a choice." Really Karen? Are you sure that slavery was a choice? Maybe for the White slavemasters it was, but what about the Black slaves? What were their other options? Did anyone ask them what they wanted?

Among Cooper's many one-hit blunders:

"I know what people think about when they see the Battle Flag. All they think is "KKK", and "We hate Black people", or "We want to bring slavery back." So, I knew it was going to be something for people to see a Black woman with the Battle Flag."

"I'm not advocating slavery, or I think that it was right. It wasn't, and none of my friends think it was. It was just something that happened."

"I said this before, and people are going to think this is horrible, but I believe slavery is a choice…

BREAKING NEWS: Heritage FAILs again. We didn't see that coming!

The hate blog Occidental Dissent has now confirmed the Heritage movements worst fears, that their 85 cent Chinese made Confederate toy flags have been removed once again from a graveyard in Union Springs, Alabama.

White Nationalist Brad Griffin is now suggesting they start a petition to try and have Attorney General Luther Strange step in. Blogger Kevin Levin has asked the question, "Who will stand up for Confederate Heritage in Union Springs?" Apparently no one! Well, that's embarrassing.


It was a short lived victory, if you can call it that at all, but alas, the flags have disappeared again, this time with the Sons of Confederate Veterans blessings.
And have you heard about the latest Confederate Heritage outrage that no ones going to do anything about?

Restoring the honor!

They still mad!

Confederate Heritage wackos are still pissed off that they are powerless to stop the removal of their Confederate rags. They are still venting their hateful racist beliefs against an African American lawyer in all sorts of places online, but one in particular, the Defenders of the Confederate Cross, who claims to just be your ordinary, average, run-of-the-mill Heritage group has been taking the rhetoric to new lofty heights. The group has also vowed to come to Union Springs, Alabama next month to teach them a lesson they won't soon forget.
The group is clearly conscious that they have haters in their midst, as they try to warn people coming to their page to be careful what they say, because the evil media is watching.

But that does not stop Jerry S Mathis of the Liberty University Police Department (a former Master Trooper with the North Carolina Highway Patrol) from suggesting a friendly "butt wooping":

And that Charles Wynneof Youth Challenge of Hampton Roads, what a …

Confederate Heritage FAIL!: Mayor of Union Springs, Alabama reportedly issues Executive Order requiring removal of Confederate flags, racists mad

Get ready for the hate!

New Blog: Grand Wizard of the Saddle, Nathan Bedford Forrest

It's going to be a real hoot!

Restoring the honor!

Justin Burton, Co-Director of the Alabama Flaggers claims that the Ku Klux Klan was started by African Americans

Co-Director and Coordinator for the Alabama Flaggers Justin Burton tells a caller to his podcast named Jed that African Americans started the Ku Klux Klan. The hilarious exchange came at 50 minutes and 30 seconds into the groups podcast, which went down like this:

Listen to the podcast here:

Freda Mincey Burton: "But I can tell you another thing that General Forrest, you know, they give him a bad name, but do you know that his slaves followed him into battle, into war?"Jeb: "Yeah, and he wasn't part of the KKK either."Freda Mincey Burton: "No, he was not."Jeb: "Yeah, that's a lie. I don't know who..."Justin Burton: "I actually can correct that, and if you really dig, look deep into history, which the NAACP loves to hide, and of course it's rewritten history. A lot of people don't know this, but I did a lot of research on the forming of the KKK and the Ku Klux Klan, and to really figure out, really go into depth on who actu…

Confederate Heritage advocate on Black lawyer who removed "illegally" placed flags: "I'd be skinning him alive"

Gary Madd Mick Keller says of Myron Penn, an African American lawyer who recently removed "illegally" placed Confederate flags in a public graveyard, "If I had a temper, I'd be skinning him alive starting at the toes, and so's he wouldn't get an infection along the way pouring plenty of turpentine on it as I went."

Restoring the honor!

Defenders of the Confederate Cross prove they're not racist and hateful, by organizing a protest which will apparently include a well known White Nationalist couple, and also promote violent hate speech on it's Facebook page

African American attorney Myron Penn has stirred up the hayseed hornets nest, by removing "illegally" placed Confederate flags from a public cemetery. Charges of theft, vandalism, and gravesite desecration have been leveled against Mr. Penn, despite the fact that he left the flags at the City Hall for the owner(s) to come pick up. Confederate Heritage advocates are now mobilizing their KKKlubs into action to protest Penn.

Two separate groups; the Defenders of the Confederate Cross, and the Alabama Flaggers are jointly mobilizing to protest Mr. Penn's actions. A third, the Sons of Confederate Veterans is teasing unspecified legal action.

Probably the least surprising aspect of the story however, is that two very well known White Nationalistshave vowed to participate in the groups protest, with no noticeable complaint from the Confederate Heritage advocates.

Brad Griffin, and his wife Renee Baum Griffin, both of Eufaula, Alabama have indicated that they will be attending th…