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Honor finally restored

The Union took back ownership of their property from your thieving asses, and now it only has two colors: Union Blue and Confederate White. The White is for your pathetic surrender.

Honor restored!

Spreading the Heritage, not hate, the Sons of Confederate Veterans way

Interesting that this story is taken from a White Nationalist blog, Southern Nationalist Network, which is run by a former member of the Neo-Nazi group National Alliance named Michael Cushman. The fact that this alone was shared on a Sons of Confederate Veterans Facebook page is enough, we're sure, to make ol' Ben Jones run and hide. But that people are calling for lynching because people they don't agree with other people who peacefully exercised their First Amendment rights takes it to a whole new level. Don't believe the hype. The Sons of Confederate Veterans is chock full of racists.

"Tall tree, short rope..."

"Those people in Ferguson"

Here's a suggestion. Why don't you go first DeWayne Hancock and John Jack Kreis? Show us how it's done. We think we all know who "those people in Ferguson" are, that Edward Westmoreland is referring to. Now, think about this. Just because they don't like other people's political views…

Hayseed of the South leader Michael Hill: "I will raise a glass today in celebration of the death of all tyrants, including Abe Lincoln"

Would you expect anything less from Hill than a celebration of the taking of human life?

But it's not just Hill...

The South's Lincoln Assassination Celebration Spectacular has begun!

Rainer Maria - The Contents of Lincoln's Pockets

Restoring the honor!

Just how dumb are Southerners?

This dumb.

Yes, lines full of CASHEERS? LULZ!

You can't fix stupid...

Hook, line, and sinker...

You couldn't make this up if you tried. Welcome to Dixie. Land of the fool.

Nirvana - Dumb

Restoring the honor!

Pssstttt... What is it with Confederate Heritage types making an issue out of Black people holding "their" flag?

We've seen this before... Don't they know whos flag that is???

That Eve. She's such a card!

Guess Eve's comedy career is over as quickly as it started?

The Smiths - That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore

Restoring the honor!

"Apparently", shooting an unarmed Black man 8 times in the back might, could, sorta, maybe considered murder? So says Confederate Heritage advocate and VA Flagger mouthpiece

Apparently, shooting an unarmed Black man 8 times in the back might be murder?

Restoring the honor!