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Who knew Flagger groups were such cutthroats?

Maybe Hathaway's right?

Restoring the honor!

Some Confederate heritage leaders aren't all that concerned about restoring the honor apparently...

This caught our eye.

And so did that.

Now why on earth would that surprise us after this?

Or this?

Or this?

All made possible by Steven Monk ventures.

The Virginia Flaggers, they like to talk the talk, but they won't walk the walk!

Restoring the honor!

It's a good thing no racist or hate material is permitted!

Via English Friends of the South Facebook page:

Kenneth Reilly is a member of the White Nationalist group the League of the South.

Restoring the honor!

Sharing is caring class...

Sure, why not? 

After all, sharing is caring, right?

Uh oh! Houston, we have a problem!

AKIA and KLASP are both Klan-speak.Here's a close-up of that photo:

Sounds like NOT such a good plan to us... Wonder what the FBI will think of this?

Via Confederate States Miltia Facebook page:

Actually, we're thinking this is a really BAD idea, but what are you going to do? This is the South for you. We think we're just going to send this information here. Looks like Josh Kessinger thinks they should get the ball rolling by:

"Taking out the lower military (cops and banks)"

Genralisimo Casey Sherwood thinks that's a "good idea".

Looks like March 11, 2015 is strike time!

We've talked about these yahoos before...

Restoring the honor!

Now who would've thought...

Image'd find antiquated thoughts like these in a group made up of people who see themselves as "Unreconstructed Confederates"  who like to flaunt images of the CBF??? Your entire way of life belongs in an antique shop alongside all of the other dusty relics. 

We can do this all day long, because the South is chock full of douchebags just like this. Face it, they can't help it, it's in their blood.

Restoring the honor!

Restoring the honor, the Ike Reeves way (with rope)

Via Southern Heritage News & Views:

Ol' Ike's got the solution to the Representative Donna Howard problem, ROPE!

Kinda almost sounds like a threat...

"SOUTHERN HERITAGE NEWS & VIEWS is dedicated to the preservation of Southern Heritage and to defend the honour of our Confederate ancestors."

Restoring the honor!

Ah yes... Defending the heritage....

Now what else would you expect from those "Defending the heritage?"

Tell us how you really feel. We think you might fit in here too Stephen.

Restoring the honor!

I learned it from watching you Matt

Now where, oh where would the Confederate Heritage crowd pick up an idea like this? Oh yeah...

Now that's classy.

Pretty funny stuff!

What's wrong Susie, no sense of humor? They's just funnin'.


It's pretty sad that we have to do this, but alas, we do. Our dearest author, what's wrong? Having trouble recognizing a joke? Let's break this down for our humor challenged friend.

The title of this blog post was not supposed to be taken LITERALLY. In no way was it ever supposed to mean a young child learned behavior from Matt Heimbach, but deep down, we think our author buddy knows that. "I learned it from watching you Matt" is a reference to a popular public service announcement produced by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America during the 1980's. Apparently, she missed out on the whole 1980's and didn't get the reference. We're not surprised, there's a lot our author buddy …