Unite The Right Archive: June 23, 2017

One year ago, today, The Daily Progress published a short video of portions of a press conference given by local attorney and activist Pam Starsia. Starsia raised the issue of police visits to the homes of local activists that had been occurring for several days. Starsia told reporters that, "People do see it as an intimidation tactic, and we think it's disingenuous for CPD to pretend that these inquiries aren't arising in the context of CPD aggression and disparate treatment of Leftist and anti-racist activists in recent months." Starsia added, "I think if you look back at the history of the police in this country, there is a long history of police working with the who seek to preserve the institution of white supremacy and the current systems of power, and targeting those who seek to make change to the system." The press conference followed a letter sent to then Police Chief Al Thomas addressing the same concerns.

The Charlottesville Independent Review n…

City Manager Maurice Jones handwritten notes from a private meeting with Jason Kessler released...

In response to a Freedom of Information Act request, the city of Charlottesville has released a 3 page PDF file of the handwritten notes of outgoing City Manager Maurice Jones from a meeting between Jones and Jason Kessler, which apparently took place 5 days before the Unite The Right rally according to Kessler. The 5 day time period cited by Kessler in a Periscope video published on June 21, 2018 dates the meeting as August 7, 2017. We previously published 2 audio files of meetings between Kessler and various Charlottesville city officials.

Among the notable passages of Jones' notes are what appears to be the name "Ike Baker". There is an Ike Baker who is an avowed National Socialist and League of the South member who ultimately attended the rally. 

Another passage notes that "Wes Bellamy has been working with ANTIFA." We previously documented that Kessler told Charlottesville Police Department Captain Wendy Lewis the exact same thing in text messages release…

Unite The Right Archive: June 22, 2017

One year ago, today, local Charlottesville Alt-Right activist Hannah Zarski, using her "PrimitiveXaoc" alias asked Discord users in the #promotion_and_cyberstrike channel to retweet a Twitter post from her since deleted @PrimitiveXaoc account. Zarski included the hashtags #UniteTheRight and #FreeSpeech. Free speech would become a recurring but false theme for the organizers of the event.

Zarski wasn't the only person promoting the event. Scheduled speaker Augustus Invictus was meanwhile sharing yet another flyer for the event on Facebook. A bulk of the effort at this time was devoted to promoting the event to try and turn out as many Nazis as possible. Invictus tagged both Mike Enoch and Baked Alaska in the post. The flyer listed 10 speakers and showed that the start time of the rally was 12pm. Later, Jason Kessler employing a bit of revisionist history, would claim that the rally started at 10am. At the bottom, the flyer read, "We will not be replaced." 

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Unite The Right Archive: June 2, 2017

On June 2, 2017, Jason Kessler posted a message to his followers on Facebook, "We're in a civil rights struggle. This is not a game. If you back down to these people you are turning your back on your friends as well. Stand your ground." The post was "liked" by at least 130 followers. Kessler joined the Schilling Show earlier the same day as a guest on the "newsmaker line".

Listen to the podcast here. Kessler joins at 13 minutes and 39 seconds.

The Charlottesville Independent Review shows that on June 2, 2017, Charlottesville Police Department Captain Wendy Lewis began heading up a team responsible for gathering intelligence about the upcoming July 8th Ku Klux Klan rally and the August 12, 2017 Unite The Right rally. Lewis held a meeting to commence the effort. According to the review, Lewis "requested updated weekly intelligence reports for CPD command staff." See page 33. 

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Messages show that Jason Kessler is trying to negotiate with local activists over his Unite The Right II rally...

According to messages obtained from a local Charlottesville activist, Jason Kessler is attempting to contact locals, apparently in foolish and very desperate looking attempt to negotiate some sort of agreement about his Unite The Right II rally. In a series of messages dated May 7, 2018, Kessler writes, "Why don't you guys consider a separate protest at IX Park this year?" It's unclear who "you guys" are. Kessler continues, "Keep as far away from one another as possible and we both get to do our thing". Kessler's final message came across as even more desperate. "All we want is to speak at the Lee Monument for a few hours and the we're out of your hair forever." The activist didn't respond to Kessler's pathetic attempt to bait them into communicating with him. If you have received messages from Jason Kessler, trying to draw you into a conversation about his new free violence rally, please contact us.

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Unite The Right Archive: June 21, 2017

One year ago, today, the Southern Poverty Law Center published an article which made note of the escalating infighting within the white nationalist movement.  In the closing paragraphs of the article, the Center noted that the turmoil within the movement was poised to bubble over into the efforts to organize the then upcoming Unite The Right rally. The article took special note of the Facebook post of Augustus Invictus, real name Austin Gillespie, from just two days earlier. 

The Charlottesville Independent Review shows that Charlottesville Police Department Captain Wendy Lewis headed a team responsible for gathering intelligence and compiled three reports. The report specifically notes that only Black Lives Matter and Standing Up for Racial Justice members received "phone calls, emails and knocking on doors", and goes on to claim that local attorney Pamela Starsia "halted CPD's efforts to gather information directly from local activists" following a letter se…

Unite The Right Archive: June 20, 2017

One year ago, today, the local activist group Solidarity Cville released an informational post on it's webpage which deconstructed a popular flyer produced to promote the Unite The Right rally. The post notes that the flyer was released by Richard Spencer on Twitter on Friday, which was the 16th of June. As we pointed out yesterday, Augustus Invictus also shared the same flyer on Facebook on June 19, 2017. The informational post notes several aspects of the iconography chosen for the flyer and what they represent, most notably the inclusion of the word "on" instead of "in" at the very top of the flyer. In terms of context, the flyer was referring to a "march on Charlottesville", and the group noted that the language insinuates that the event was an "attack" on the city. The post also makes mention of an informational document provided to the Charlottesville City Council as well as a Facebook post that promoted violence, apparently in relati…